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Director of Sales

    1, responsible for the search, selection and reserves equity investments, and operate independently of projects with investment value of in-depth analysis and feasibility studies, project evaluation report is formed;
    2, responsible for the completion of the project in accordance with the program of work, and to implementation of the project has been approved due diligence, complete the project risk assessment;
    3, with strong leadership, organization, coordination, competent project managers work;
    4, responsible for collecting, analyzing, sorting and reporting of relevant market information, track-related developments in the industry, to carry out related research work, to submit relevant studies; focus on equity investments relates to the development of changes in the industry, and the industry has invested enterprises downstream business case, look for business opportunities, to promote the integration of mergers and acquisitions within the industry the company equity investments.

    1, has a master's degree or above, financial accounting class, management, information technology professional and educational background;
    2, with more than five years of professional work experience PE / VC institutions, brokers, futures, investment banks and other equity investment institutions;
    3, familiar with the equity investment ideas, details of the points, with certain financial, legal basis;
    4, familiar with the popular industry formats industry, trends, leading companies and technical characteristics;
    5, with a clear road fine and excellent interpersonal skills;
    6, with the ability to travel frequently and objective criteria.


service hours:
00-18: 00 (weekdays)